Catholic and Loving It! New beginnings…sort of…

I love my Catholic faith. I love it! It’s what helps me to get up in the morning, what drives me to desire Mass every day, and what guides me through my daily ministry. Frankly, it is what gives my life meaning – as a man, but especially as a priest.

But I have to be honest; it hasn’t always been this way. I was raised in a good Catholic family, and we went to Mass every Sunday with my grandmother, my aunt and uncle, and my cousins, but I’d say I didn’t start taking my faith seriously until high school. The more I learned and intellectually understood the precepts of my Catholic faith and the more neat little tidbits of “Catholic culture” that I discovered, the more I grew to love it and sought to figure out what God wanted me to do with it. Ultimately, that quest led me to the seminary and the priesthood, and now, it leads me here to Sacred Heart.

There are so many little pieces of our faith that put together, and make it so beautiful. I think of it like a mosaic down at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis. If you can believe it, there are 41.5 million pieces of glass in 7,000 difference colors, covering 83,000 square feet, and each of those tiny pieces are gorgeous! But together, they make the Cathedral the magnificent place of worship that we know and love today. In the same way, there are many little pieces and facets of our faith which are beautiful in themselves, but together, they create a Church and a Catholic faith which I think is worth our admiration and love!

One of the greatest problems among all of us in the Church is that most of us simply don’t know the beauty of those little pieces, so it’s hard to actually love our faith. My goal over the next few weeks, months, and who knows, maybe years (?), is to dust off some of those beautiful little pieces, and hopefully share with you why indeed I am “Catholic and loving it!”

Where will we go from here? I’ll have to figure that out myself, but tune in next week to find out!

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